1 kg weight will be reduced in a month by just walking, just follow this schedule

Walking Schedule For Health : Taking care of your fitness in a hectic lifestyle is not easy. Sitting at the computer from morning till evening, then driving long after driving to reach home. After this, there is no courage to take some time for fitness. Because the body wants to just lie down, take some rest. Then eat food and go to sleep. This is the only reason that today after 30 years people start complaining of weight gain and obesity. Only after going a little further, its consequences start turning into high blood pressure, diabetes and heart-related diseases.

In such a situation, take care of your health and do not let the weight increase, walk more and more. According to the report published in Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, if you walk with speed variation, it reduces weight rapidly.

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The report claims that if you walk for 33 minutes a day, it burns 500 calories more, as a result of which you can lose up to 1 kg in a month.

how to lose 1 kg in a month
The newspaper quoted Irwin, Director of Education for Fitness Studio (California), that if you want to lose weight by walking, then walk with a change of pace. He claims that it reduces weight fast, Irwin also says that “Walking speed is different for every person, but at least do a brisk walk. If you do this 33-minute walk schedule every day, then you can burn 500 calories more and lose about 1 kg in a month. “

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Make your own 33 minute walk schedule like this

Warm up with 10 minutes of normal steps.
Walk for 2 minutes at a speed of 6-8 kmph.
Walk for 4 minutes in such a way that the breath does not become fast.
– Walk fast for 3 minutes.
– Walk for 3 minutes only at a speed that allows you to talk
– Then walk fast for 4 minutes.
Walk for 2 minutes again at talking speed.
Walk for 5 minutes, normalize yourself.

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