14 genes that cause obesity detected, new treatment will open – Research

14 Genes that cause Obesity : The team of American researchers has got great success in finding out the cause of obesity. They have discovered 14 genes that can cause obesity. Along with this, the research team has also identified 3 genes that prevent weight gain. These genes are also believed to be responsible for diseases like heart disease and diabetes. According to the news published in Dainik Jagran newspaper, the results of this study have been published in the journal PLos Genetics. published Has been done. This study helps shed new light on the complex link between obesity, diet and DNA.

Researchers have done this study to find out which gene plays a role in promoting and preventing obesity.

Who is responsible for obesity?
According to researchers, obesity is becoming a global epidemic due to consuming high-calorie diet with sugar. Our sedentary lifestyle is also responsible for increasing obesity in the body. Genes also play an important role in how much of the energy our body will consume from food.

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Researcher at the College of Arts and Sciences, University of Virginia, USA, Eyleen J O’Rourke According to, “We know that hundreds of different types of genes are likely to emerge in people suffering from obesity and other diseases. The researchers looked at 293 genes associated with obesity, with the goal of finding which of these genes causes or prevents the problem.

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Obesity is also a major reason behind hair loss
It is known to all that due to obesity, many diseases take place in the body, including serious diseases like heart disease, diabetes. But a recent study has found that obesity can also be the reason for thinning and loss of hair. Researchers from TMDU i.e. Tokyo Medical and Dental University did this on mice. Study found that those fed a high-fat diet (high-fat diet – HFD) showed altered activity of stem cells in their hair follicles compared to mice fed a normal diet. This difference produced inflammatory signals in stem cells. Due to which the hair becomes thin and falls out.

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