Activities related to nature keep your mental health fit: Research

Nature Based Activities For Mental Health : In today’s hectic lifestyle, we are getting away from nature, this can be said because we have imprisoned ourselves between the walls of home and office. It is also affecting our brain, so we are surrounded by problems related to the brain, such as anxiety, mood swings and depression. But do you know that only by connecting with nature, we can not only avoid such problems, but can also lead a happy life with positive feelings. Now you must be thinking that how is this possible? So let us tell you that you do not need to go far for this. Rather, all you have to do is to give time to some activities related to nature outside the house.

According to the news published in Dainik Jagran newspaper, research from York University of England has revealed that activities related to nature are good for your brain. This study was published in the journal SSM-Population Health. published has also been done. It has been told in this study that activities related to nature such as gardening, exercise, walking in greenery in the morning and evening help in improving the mood, reducing anxiety and making the feelings positive.

How was the study done?
The researchers studied 14 thousand 321 records of Nature-Based Interventions (NBI) and 50 studies. NBI encourages people to improve their mental health and do activities related to nature.

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What happened in the study
During this study, researchers found that doing activities related to nature for 20 to 90 minutes daily for 8 to 12 weeks gives the best results. Due to this, along with reducing anxiety, positive changes are seen in the mood of the person.

Such activities in the group give more benefits
Lead author of this study and Senior Lecturer in Health Service Research at the University of York, Dr. Peter Coventry Says, ‘We know that being close to nature is better for our health. Now this new study of ours presents strong evidence for this. It tells us how activities related to nature bring great benefits to our mental health. Although this activity is done by the person himself, but the study we reviewed shows that if such an activity is done in groups, then its positive results are more.

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Effective in getting out of epidemic stress
According to the researchers, “The results of our study clearly indicate that individuals show more interest in group activities related to nature. Due to this, he gives more time to these activities, which benefits his mental health more. Researchers also claimed that due to the epidemic, people were imprisoned in their homes away from others for a long time, which affected their mental health. In such a situation, they can get more benefit by exercising among the nature in the group. “

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