Adusa leaves cure respiratory problems in winter, know its benefits

Health benefits of Adusa in winter: There are many home remedies in Indian Ayurveda, from which many types of diseases can be treated. The interesting thing is that finding these remedies does not require much effort, but they are found nearby. One of these home remedies is adusa leaves. There are many benefits of Adusa leaves in winter. Adusa is known by many names in the country. It is also called Addus, Arus, Bacchus, Birsota, Rusa, Arusha. Its name in Sanskrit is Vasaka or Vasa. Adusa is called Malabar Nut in English. Diseases like cold-cough, heart disease, blood related disease, thirst, respiratory disease, fever, leprosy, TV can be treated with Adusa. In winter, some people start having trouble in breathing due to various reasons. In such a situation, drinking a decoction of the leaves of Addus gives great relief. It thins out the mucus and brings it out. Adusa widens the airways by expanding them, which makes the movement of air easier. Due to the dilation of the respiratory tract, the breathlessness of an asthmatic patient decreases. webmd According to the news of Adusa, it is used to reduce heaviness or congestion in the chest. It reduces inflammation in the respiratory tract.

Benefits of Adusa leaves in winter

Relieves breathing problems- An element called vesin is found in the leaves of Adusa. Due to this, it widens the respiratory tract. Apart from this, anti-inflammatory properties are also found in Adusa, which reduces inflammation in the respiratory tract. This clears the respiratory tract, which gets rid of the problems in breathing. Apart from this, Adusa also helps in removing problems like Throat Infection, Asthma, Bronchitis etc.

Relief from cold Everyone knows the use of Adusa leaves in the villages. For the problems of cold and cold in the winter season, people make a decoction of Adusa leaves and use it. By consuming it, the blocked nose opens immediately. Adusa removes chest congestion. Usually its leaves are boiled with water and its decoction is made and it is consumed.

Reduces inflammation Adusa has anti-inflammatory properties. This is the reason why it cleans the respiratory tract by reducing the swelling in the windpipe. This removes the trouble related to breathing.
Regulates blood pressure- Adusa can help in balancing blood pressure. Adusa is also known to purify the blood. It has anti-fibrinolytic properties which helps in relieving heart blockage.

Knee pain relief People also consume Adusa to reduce knee pain and swelling. It is used as a herb. The anti-inflammatory properties found in it reduce the inflammation of arthritis.

relieve headache- Adusa flower gives relief from headache. For this, the flower of Adusa is mixed with jaggery and eaten. This gives relief from headache.

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