After Corona, the cases of heart related diseases increased rapidly in the country – Expert

Heart complication after covid-19: There has been a decrease in the cases of corona in the country, but the fear of corona is still engulfed in the hearts and minds of the people. Those who have been hit by Corona, even after recovering, they are still struggling with some kind of problem. Even those who have not got corona till now, their problems are not decreasing. The fear of Corona has given many problems to the people. Outlook According to the news of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Delhi, on the basis of its study, there has been a significant increase in the cases of heart-related complications in the country after corona. The hospital has said that after Kovid-19, there has been an increase in the number of patients with heart disease. Doctors at the hospital have claimed that the burden of heart-related diseases may increase in the coming months.

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The sedentary lifestyle is the big reason
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital said in a statement that the sedentary lifestyle due to the lockdown has led to an increase in diabetes, hypertension, smoking and stress in many people, increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The hospital said that the pandemic has made people hesitant to go out for health checkups. Many people are not even able to get regular health check-ups due to the fear of getting caught by the corono virus infection. In such a situation, people who are already suffering from heart disease, they have now started going to the doctors.

Dr Mukesh Goel, Senior Consultant, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, Apollo Hospitals said, “Compared to the pre-pandemic times, there has been a sharp decline in the number of patients visiting the OPD. These also include patients who were suffering from cardiovascular diseases before the pandemic. He said, now gradually people are coming to the hospital, so in the coming time the burden of heart-related diseases will increase on the country.

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Complications are coming due to inflammation in the body
The hospital said in a statement, there is an increase in the number of people coming to the hospital about heart-related complications like myocarditis post-Covid. The statement said that even after recovering from the infection, people are facing such complications due to inflammation and damage in the body due to the virus. Such damages come to the fore when any part of the body is weak. The doctors of the hospital also claimed that the burden of heart disease could increase manifold in the coming months.

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