After the Kovid epidemic, the rate of depression among people increased by 70 percent

Depression rate higher than pre covid-19: No one knows how long the havoc of Corona will continue to cause trouble, but it will create turmoil in life for a long time, that is certain. This disease has not only increased physical discomfort but has affected mental health the most. daily Mail According to the news of Corona in Britain, the rate of depression or depression has increased by 70 percent. This is not just the case of Britain. This is the condition of people of almost all countries. According to statistics, before the attack of Corona, 10 percent of the people in Britain were victims of depression. But with the first and second wave of corona, 21 percent of the people became depressed. Meanwhile, a period of two lockdowns was also seen, due to which soon double the people went into depression.

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the situation is improving

However, after two years, there is a decline in this case now. According to official figures, a survey was conducted from 13,000 people about their mental health, in which it was revealed that now people are coming out of depression. According to the survey, the rate of depression had reached more than 70 percent compared to before the Corona period, but now it is improving. At present, 2 out of 10 people are still victims of depression. Most of them are women and youth. In the survey, 21 percent of the people who were depressed during the second wave of corona, now only 17 percent of the people are suffering from depression.

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more depression in women

Another study found that people are going into depression due to many reasons like lockdown, social isolation, job cuts, fears about the pandemic etc. This summer, after the cases of corona decreased, the government lifted the ban on many things, after which people are able to move around and due to this mental health has started improving. When the survey was conducted between July 21 and August 15, two out of six people said that they were depressed in some form or the other. The level of depression in women was higher than in men. Between the ages of 16 and 29, one in three women was suffering from depression. Whereas at this age only 20 percent of men had to suffer from depression.

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