Air pollution can be helpful in the spread of corona infection: Study

Risk of Corona From Air Pollution : The era of corona epidemic is not over yet that many countries of the world including India are also facing the serious problem of air pollution. The air quality index has reached alarming levels in many states of North India. People are having trouble breathing. Due to the presence of toxic particles in the air, the risk of serious diseases has also increased. In such a situation, a new study has raised the concern of many countries. In a recent study conducted in Spain, it has been revealed that people who are exposed to polluted air for a long time are at higher risk of developing complications of corona infection. On Wednesday in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives published Research has cited evidence that reducing air pollution has a beneficial effect on health. It also mentions the aspects that affect the disease.

Researchers said that in the earlier research findings, it was told that before the epidemic, the areas where the level of air pollution was high, there were more cases of corona. However, the researcher is not completely clear in this regard yet. They believe that air pollution can be helpful in the spread of the virus. It can also increase the susceptibility of a particular person to disease or infection.

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what the experts say
Associated with the Barcelona Institute of Global Health in Spain and the first author of this study Manolis Kogevinas “The problem is that earlier studies were based on cases that were detected through testing, but did not mention asymptomatic and non-tested cases,” it said.

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How did the study happen?
Researchers studied virus-based antibodies from adults living in California, USA, who lived in polluted air for a long time. 9,605 people were included in the study, out of which 481 were corona infected.

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