Allergic diseases have no connection with mental health – research

Allergy diseases connection with Mental Health Allergy diseases have nothing to do with mental health. This information was done under the leadership of Bristol University, UK. Research has appeared in. According to a report published in Dainik Jagran, it has been claimed in this research that diseases caused by allergies such as asthma, shingles (itching) and high fever have nothing to do with mental health. The results of this research were published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Allergy. published have been done. This experiment was done on a large sample of about 12 thousand to 3.5 lakh people.

Let us tell you that in the first study, it was told to have an observational relationship between mental health and diseases associated with common allergies. But so far the relationship between its causal factors has not been established. Researchers from Bristol Medical School’s Population Health Science and Psychological Science wanted to find out whether allergic diseases lead to mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, or these. What diseases cause allergic diseases? The researchers identified an observational relationship between allergic diseases and symptoms of mental illness. But the research team did not find that point in its analysis.

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What happened in the research
According to this research, there is little evidence found between the onset of allergic disease and mental health to suggest that the observational relationship was due to confounding or other forms of bias.

The authors of the research concluded that intervening in the onset of allergic disease is unlikely to improve mental health outcomes. Similarly, preventing the onset of mental health symptoms will not reduce the risk of allergic disease. However, further research is needed to examine whether interventions have any effect on mental health after onset of allergic disease progression.

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What the lead researcher said
Dr Ashley Budu-Aggrey, lead author of this research and Senior Research Associate at Bristol Medical School, said, “Common mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression are the largest contributors to the global burden of mental health disorders. The prevalence of such common diseases and diseases caused by allergies has been increasing for some time. Distinguishing the nature of the relationship between allergic diseases and mental health from this research helps to answer an important health question, which is that the onset of allergic disease does not lead to the onset of mental health symptoms, similar to mental health. The onset of symptoms does not lead to the onset of allergic disease.

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