Alsi Ki Roti: Flaxseed roti is helpful in reducing cholesterol, learn how to make

Alsi Roti Benefits: Wheat flour is usually used in every household for food. But if you have any heart-related disease or complain of uncontrolled blood pressure, then ordinary flour rotis are not beneficial for your health. In such a situation, you can use flaxseed rotis in your food. Flaxseed bread is considered healthy. It can be easily made at home. Follow these simple steps to make Alsi Roti.

linseed bread ingredients
Flaxseed – 50 grams
Flour – 1 bowl
Water – as needed
Salt – as per taste

how to make flaxseed roti
To make flaxseed rotis, first take flaxseed. Take a tawa or a wok and keep it on medium flame. After the tawa is hot, put flaxseed in it and fry it. When the flaxseed is roasted well, then turn off the gas and keep it to cool down. When the flaxseed cools down, put it in a mixer jar and grind it finely.

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After grinding the flaxseed, take it out in a plate and divide it equally into three parts. This dough can be useful to you for three times in the morning, afternoon and evening. Now mix linseed flour in ordinary flour and knead the dough by adding water gradually.
In this way your linseed flour is ready. Now make and eat as many rotis as you want. While making linseed rotis, keep in mind that the flour should not be saved for another day. Apart from this, the morning roti is not to be eaten in the evening.

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