Antibiotics have no effect on children in chest infection – new research

Antibiotics not effective in children: You cannot stop the play of children, no matter how hard you try. They will roam from here to there for sports. The biggest risk in roaming here and there is that they become victims of infection many times. Chest pain is the first complaint of infection. Even in minor infections, parents give them antibiotics. If you do the same, then be careful, because a new research has claimed that antibiotics do not cure infection in children. daily Mail According to the news, researchers from Southampton University have said that giving antibiotics like amoxicillin to children in chest infection does not help. This study has been published in The Lancet.

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Research on children suffering from pneumonia
The researchers, based on their study, have advised doctors not to prescribe amoxicillin to young children. He has said that usually the doctors give amoxicillin to the children as soon as the symptoms of pneumonia are seen. They should not do this. Researchers tested the effect of amoxicillin on 432 children with chest infections. These included children aged 6 to 12 years. Of these children, half were given amoxicillin while half were given placebo. In children who were given amoxicillin, it took five days for symptoms of pneumonia to go away, while children who were given a placebo (a false drug in lieu of amoxicillin that did not cause any harm or no benefit.) It took six days. Researchers found that children who were given amoxicillin and those not given also recovered at about the same time.

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no effect of amoxicillin
Researchers found that there was no clinical benefit of amoxicillin in children with chest infections. He said that even in children whose infection is not complicated, doctors recommend amoxicillin, but it has no chance of curing the infection. The researchers said that as long as pneumonia is suspected, doctors should be advised about other protective measures. Most children should not be given antibiotics for chest infections.

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