Antibody made from the original strain of Corona is not helpful in fighting the variant – Research

Antibodies from Corona’s original strain : Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc all over the world. The constantly coming new variants of this dangerous virus are increasing the challenges of scientists. According to the report published in Dainik Jagran, a new study has been done regarding the antibodies made in the body of the victims of corona in the early stages of the epidemic. It has been claimed that antibodies made in people infected with the original type of corona may not be helpful in combating the new variants. Because this antibody is not able to attach well to the new variant.

Nature Communications magazine The results of the study have been published in. In the initial phase of the epidemic, the original strain of corona wreaked havoc all over the world. After this, many new variants of corona emerged, some of which have been found to be more infectious than the original form.

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In their study, the researchers looked at antibodies against the spike protein of the corona. The corona spreads the infection through its protein by binding to the receptor present on human cells. This spike protein has been simplified in most vaccines.

where was the study
Researchers from the University of Illinois, USA Timothy Tan (Timothy Tan) said, ‘We really focused on the antibodies made in the body of people who were infected with the original strain of corona. When we started this study, new variants were not a problem at that time. When this problem emerged, we wanted to know whether the types of antibodies we have identified are capable of binding to the new variants or not.

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The research team says that the escape of the virus from the body’s main antibody response is a matter of concern.

What To Do Next
The researchers said they want to conduct a similar study characterizing antibody responses to delta and other strains to see if they produce a convergent response and how it differs from the original strain. Timothy Tan It added, “We expect the antibody response to those variants to be quite different. When we have more data about antibodies from patients who are infected with the variant, understanding differences in immune response is one of the directions we want to pursue. “

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