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This love has also come in the poems of young poet Anurag Anant. But the vision of this love and its meaning is unique.

Love is such a subject which comes easily in the poems of every poet. This love has also been appearing in the poems of young poet Anurag Anant. But the vision and the meaning of this love is unique. Even after getting everything in life, if you do not have love, then all your wealth suddenly starts turning into extreme poverty…

in spite of everything
if you don’t have
in this full world
waiting eyes of a girl
the refuge of his throbbing chest
the river of his tangled things
and the sun of her selfless smile
So you will lose even after conquering the whole earth

If in a girl’s dream
in his breath
And you couldn’t build a house in his faith
So even after making this whole earth your home
you will be homeless

If you don’t want to break up any girl
if thinking about you
Her eyes don’t start laughing
If you did not sow sunflower flowers in the mind of a girl
So even after getting the love of the whole earth
you will be unlucky

if you can’t see the world
From the point of view of a girl who fell in love till her neck
so be sure
You will remain blind even after seeing the whole earth

if no girl
who tells you your half
so believe me you will remain incomplete

Hello friends, I welcome you Pooja Prasad in the special podcast of News18 Hindi. Today I am sharing with you the poems of Anurag Anant. In a very brief conversation, when I asked him why do you write poetry… he said – Poetry is a question for me. A question that asks you about your experience. You record your experiences and poetry comes in handy. My experiences are not visual experiences. There are experiences beyond the scene. The factors that determine the event beyond the event are what attract me more. Those reasons are not in the scene, but the scene is being driven by them. The vision to see beyond the visible is the vision. And this philosophy gives you personal poetic philosophy. At least this is true for me.

Indeed, many times in Anurag’s poems he also sees that which is ‘experience beyond the scene’. One such poem of his is – Glass is flowing in blood…

When the world talks about the heart
At that time I only hear silence
and i want to cry
but I laugh
I have to say something in order to keep quiet
But what?
Do not know
maybe half your name
and your full address

Every evening all words break through the glass
And I drink them with a sip of blood
Some love song is playing on the distant radio
And I forget everything trying to remember something

I’ll tell you one thing, tell you all
Everything peels up to my soul
When a word like love goes inside me
I want to cry
but I laugh
like blood flowing inside me
someone made a very bad joke

the air around me
she tells me softly
that my heart is a closed box
in which there is nothing
except a wounded sun
and lots of darkness

There are shadows of memories too
but having them
does not affect much

there ain’t no man
But there are sounds of men’s names
who throbbing
to the beat of my chest

nothing is clear in the mirror
am i or you
or any third
Whose shape resembles both of us

mirror breaks me
and i fall apart
like someone ate a berry
Balls are scattered on the floor
I’m in every pit
and my pain
Sitting at whose head, Rudali sings all night long
and i keep looking at her
like a child sees a rainbow

A banyan has grown on the wall of the heart
whose roots are in your eyes
when you close your eyes
hanging on a banyan branch
my picture suffocates

world and you
be two mutually distant points
And me
The electric wire stretching between the world and you
i’m standing
And lightning is running through me
my eyes are full of darkness
And the pieces of glass are flowing in the blood

I have become like a wounded poem
and covered in thirst
far away from myself

Anurag is a resident of Allahabad and is currently doing PhD in Journalism from Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Central University, Lucknow, but his poems do not have a flat narrative of news, but they have cross-examination, sometimes from himself and sometimes from his surroundings. Some poems even seem like self-acceptance. Let’s hear the next poem – Poets, Men and Deceived Women!!

There is no word in front of your body

my man is my poet’s hindrance
and my poet my man’s hindrance
we both stop each other
growing up fighting
growing up fighting

all the women in my life
my man deceived everyone
Sometimes in the posture of Rama
like a buddha
Sometimes like Gandhi and Modi too

There is a deceived woman behind every hero
Heroes are made only by deceiving women

My poet picks up all the deceived women like straw
and builds a nest like a bird
their pains rain like clouds in my sky
And I get drenched by the fluid of poems

A deceived woman walks in front of every poet
The poet walks only under the leadership of deceived women

Poetry is actually a deceived woman
who establishes a village within the language
and whoever passes by
pours her blood on his feet
In this way the person passing through the poem
Poetry makes a little woman

While arguing in the poems, the creator is knowingly presenting his poetic philosophy, there is a similar poem of Anurag Anant –
third option

an invisible sorrow
Be present in every scene of my life
lost to others
direct to me
face to face

The power of the invisible is greater than the visible
as god is everywhere
with the idiom of being omnipotent
government is everywhere
between me and you

heart is not visible in the body
But it would not have happened
no thirst for water
But it is not
There is no breath in the air
But it is not
Similarly sorrow is not seen in every scene
But it would not have happened

fish see bait
no thorn
bird sees grain
no net
man looks man
no human mind

The one who can see the invisible has only two options left.
or he goes crazy
or poet
There are some who spend their lives looking for the third option.
And they are neither mad nor poet

So friends, I will pray that your life does not remain incomplete, even after making the whole earth a home, you should not remain homeless, that is, your life should be full of love. With these wishes, I bid you farewell today. Will see you again next time with another creator. Allow Pooja Prasad. Hello.


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