Anxiety also has the power to understand your body – Research

Anxiety Effects On Your Body : Anxiety is not the solution to any problem, but it can increase your problem. Because in the state of anxiety, the tendency of the person to breathe changes, which increases the restlessness even more. Researchers from the University of Otago, New Zealand, have made this claim on the basis of a study of theirs. Research Fellow in the University’s Department of Psychology and lead author of this study Dr. Olivia Harrison reported that anxiety is one of the most common mental conditions. Especially during the current corona epidemic, it has increased even more. in the journal Neuron published It has been told in this study that researchers have investigated how the symptoms of anxiety affect the body.

In this condition the heartbeat increases. The palms get sweaty. The speed of breathing becomes faster and because of that negative feelings increase. Due to which the anxiety or restlessness increases.

nature of study
In his study conducted at the University of Zurich, Dr. Olivia Harrison included 60 healthy people. Of these, 30 were placed in the category of less anxiety or restlessness. and 30 others in the category of moderate anxiety. All participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire and complete two breathing tasks. One of these tasks was performed during a brain imaging session to measure the level of oxygen in the blood flow.

What do researchers say
Dr. Olivia Harrison said that we have found that those who had a higher level of anxiety had a changed tendency to breathe compared to those with less anxiety. In fact, they were less sensitive to changes in breathing rate. The power to understand his body had also weakened in him. Their brain activity was also found to change in anticipating future events. Dr Harrison further said that we also found that a person’s ability to perceive changes in breathing due to anxiety also weakens.

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what was the conclusion
According to Dr. Harrison, this study is also important in the sense that if one does not realize about the rapid pace of breathing due to anxiety, then in such a situation symptoms of restlessness or anxiety are seen. But if someone is unable to feel what is happening in his body, then this situation becomes even more worrying.

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However, he admitted that the answer to the question was not found, what is an effective treatment for anxiety? But it can be understood that how the state of excessive worry affects the body. This will also make it easier to know when a person is anxious or restless and when they become unaware of the symptoms on the body. It can also be tried to understand how the communication between the brain and the body starts breaking down in the state of anxiety. And the cure for breaking the cycle of negative thinking can also be found.

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