Appendix can be cured at home with home remedies

Home Remedies for appendix: The appendix is ​​a 3.5-inch-long tube found in the intestine. This tube is located in the lower part of the abdomen. It is believed that the appendix has no function in the body. This is a West Part. doctor ndtv According to the news, if the appendix has any function in the body, then till now scientists do not know about it. Although the appendix may not work in the body, but in many situations it can cause heavy damage to the body. Surgery may be required in many cases. When there is an infection in the appendix, there is a burning sensation due to inflammation. After this there is a lot of pain in the stomach. This disease is called appendicitis. It is a chronic disease. That is, once it is done, it is not cured without surgery. However, in many cases, the patient is not aware of it in advance and the appendix bursts. In this case, immediate surgery is required. If this problem is to be avoided, then by including some things in the diet, it can be prevented from growing, as well as its effect can be reduced.

Appendix home remedies

Fenugreek: Fenugreek is naturally beneficial for the appendix. Consumption of fenugreek does not create mucus or pus around the appendix, due to which the risk of infection is less. It also gives relief from pain. Boil two spoons of fenugreek seeds in a liter of water for half an hour. After this, filter the fenugreek with water and drink this water twice. Appendix will be treated better.

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Almond Oil: Massage almond oil on the area of ​​the appendix. This will help in reducing the swelling in the appendix. Practice on the stomach. After this, soak soft towels in almond oil. Then massage it in the stomach. Do this till you feel relief.

Vegetable Juice: Drink juice of carrot, cucumber, beet etc. These help in reducing the pain of the appendix. Drinking this juice twice a day provides relief from pain. You can also make juice by mixing radish, coriander and spinach together.

Mint Mint is also good for the appendix. It cures vomiting, gas and indigestion. You can drink it mixed with tea or mix it with water and drink it twice a day.

symptoms of appendix
There is severe pain in the stomach. The condition of abdominal pain occurring in the appendix often varies. The pain starts getting so severe that it becomes unbearable within a few hours.

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Along with abdominal pain, the problem of vomiting and dizziness also starts due to appendix. In case of severe pain, the pain may disappear for some time after lying on the bed but the pain starts again later. The patient is unable to do any work due to constant pain. Along with the formation of gas in the stomach in the appendix, there is constant pain in the stomach. However, there are many causes of gas in the stomach. The patient complains of constipation in the appendix. Sometimes diarrhea can also occur.

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