Arbi leaves are very beneficial in controlling cholesterol, know the right and safe way to use it

Taro Leaves To Control Cholesterol : Bad lifestyle and junk food culture has caused a lot of harm to the health of the people. One of these is the problem of cholesterol. These days every third and fourth person is struggling with the problem of bad cholesterol. To control it, doctors recommend lifestyle modification and improvement in diet. Especially avoiding junk food is very important. It is considered better to have less than 200 mg/dL of cholesterol in a normal person. Whereas if there is more than this, there is a possibility of getting many serious diseases. If you also want to control the rising cholesterol but are unable to do so, then include arbi leaves in your diet. Jagran News According to the news published in, a research has been claimed that increasing cholesterol can be controlled by the consumption of taro leaves. So let us know how Arabic is beneficial for health.

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so it is beneficial

Healthline According to, Arabic leaves are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, low carb, low calorie, high fiber etc., due to which it keeps the heart healthy. Along with this, it boosts immunity and reduces weight. It is also good for the skin.

raw leaves are poisonous

While eating it, it is important to keep in mind that it is completely cooked. Actually, it has high oxalate content which can trigger the problem of kidney stones. Although many green leafy greens have oxalate content, their amount is very less. Let us tell you that the old leaves are more safe for health than the new leaves of Arabica.

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take care while cooking

Whenever you use arbi leaves for food, it is necessary to boil them for at least half an hour and if you are baking it, then bake them for at least 1 hour. Apart from this, instead of new leaves, use only old leaves for making.

This is the recipe to reduce cholesterol

Make a powder by washing, drying and grinding arbi leaves and drink it daily in the morning or evening after mixing it with milk or water. With this, cholesterol can be controlled easily.

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