Are you also confused about desi-foreign food? learn about them

Food types: Words like Desi Food and Foreign Food have become very common nowadays. Everyone knows about it, but sometimes we get confused about these foods, which is indigenous and which is foreign. It also happens that there are many such food items in our kitchen which we think of as indigenous but in reality they are foreign. This is also the reason that our food culture has changed very rapidly in the last few years and many foreign foods including fast food have now become included in our everyday life. Due to their use in the routine, sometimes we get confused even in understanding the difference between domestic and foreign food.

Along with the food habit, the rapid change in technology is also one of the reasons. If you do not know the difference between domestic and foreign food properly, many times it can also have to suffer in terms of health. Most of the indigenous fruits or vegetables also contain more nutrients than foreign ones, but if we have less information about it, we make a mistake.

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For example, many times we give place to exotic fruits and vegetables like broccoli and avocado in our kitchen, but millet and sweet potato food remains missing from our kitchen. Similarly, there are many dishes that came from abroad a long time ago, which have been enshrined in our culture. We had no idea that these were foreign dishes. These include our favorite food items samosas and jalebis. Naan and momos are also not Indian dishes.

In the last few days, the difference between the domestic and foreign even in the everyday vegetables used by us has almost ended. While the market is full of foreign tomatoes as compared to indigenous tomatoes, its consumption has also increased. Apart from this, you can easily recognize the difference between domestic and foreign corn, both these varieties are available in the market. The same is true for people who eat eggs. Domestic and foreign eggs are available for sale in the market. Although there is a long list of indigenous and foreign foods, but we are going to tell you some examples of them.

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Desi Foods
Sweet potato
desi cow ghee

Exotic Foods

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