Asthma patient’s condition worsens at night due to ‘body clock’

Body Clock: Why do asthma patients often worsen at night? It is believed that this problem increases at night due to other physical activities while sleeping. However, this is not the complete truth. According to the news published in Dainik Jagran, scientists from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Oregon Health and Science University in America have explored the role of circadian system i.e. body clock using two circadian protocols. Research Results The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Journal is published in.

How does it affect the circadian system (body clock)?
The circadian system or body clock makes different parts of the body loose (loosen) according to the time and daily routine. In a test conducted on 17 patients with asthma, scientists found that people whose circadian system loosens their lungs more at night have a higher risk of asthma attacks. Any other time of the day can also increase the risk of asthma due to a defect in the circadian system.

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75 percent of people with asthma experience severe asthma at night. Along with exercise, air temperature, posture, and sleep, many behaviors also become the cause of the serious condition of asthma. Scientists hope that the results of this recent research can be helpful in opening new avenues for the treatment of asthma.

What came out in research
Associated co-author Steven A. Shea, professor and director of the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences (OHSU), said, “We observed that people who normally have the worst asthma had a significant improvement in pulmonary function at night. The biggest circadian-induced drops cause trouble. There were also major changes in the sleep cycle of those people. We also found that these results are clinically significant, because when studied in the lab, symptomatic bronchodilator inhaler use was four times higher during the night than during the day.”

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clock-like circadian system
A special part of the brain controls the circadian system. It has an important role in determining the movements of the body according to the time of day. According to the daily routine of the person, hunger or sleep at a certain time is due to this reason.

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