At the age of 11, Deepika is lighting the torch of education by giving free education to other children.

Dipika conducting free classes: If you have the passion to do something, then age cannot be a hindrance. Great feats can be accomplished even at a young age. New Indian Express According to the news, an 11-year-old girl from Jharkhand has done the same thing. When everything came to a standstill in the lockdown, the education of the children of the village was affected the most. There was no medium of online education till the children of the village. In such a situation, 11-year-old Deepika Minj herself took the initiative to teach the children of her lower class for free and almost all the children of this age of the village joined her.

Not only this, Deepika also inspired the Gram Sabha to teach the older children in the same way, after which the students of the upper class also started getting free education in the same way. At present 100 children are studying in senior classes.

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Deepika teaches Maths and English

Deepika, a resident of Chandrapada village of Khunti district, is a student of class 7 in a private school. Whatever he had read in his class, he started teaching it to his younger children. Deepika is teaching maths and English to her junior children. After teaching these children, Deepika herself goes to study in the senior class. Deepika says, once during the lockdown, when I saw these children playing here and there, suddenly I thought that when I myself have started forgetting the things I studied in my school, then these children also forget all their school education. would have gone. In this way, the idea of ​​teaching these children came to my mind. I thought that whatever I studied in the previous class, it will also be revised and these children will also read.

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Deepika wants to become IAS
Deepika said, when I asked some questions to these children to investigate this, these children could not answer. After that I decided that I will teach these children. Initially I started teaching two children. One was a nursery child, the other a second grader. When the villagers came to know, some more children came. Right now I have more than 20 kids.

When the number of these children increased, a friend of mine Tanu Sneha Lakra also started supporting me. After this, both of us started teaching these children on a platform built near a tree. For this work, Deepika is getting praise across the country. The government has also given respect to their work. Deepika wants to become an IAS officer when she grows up, so that something good can be done for the people.

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