Bad smell coming from the mouth of children? Learn from Dr Sarita Sharma the reason for ‘Bad Breathing’ and how to get rid of it

Bad Breath in Kids, Causes and symptoms: It is common to get bad breath after waking up in the morning, because it is due to the bacteria living in the mouth overnight. Usually it gets better after rinsing or brushing, but even after brushing several times, the foul smell persists throughout the day. In medical language, it is called Halitosis and it happens more with children. If this is the case with your child as well, then it should be understood that this problem is not normal. Experts say that the cause of bad breath or bad breath is related to oral hygiene i.e. cleanliness of the mouth.

What are the reasons behind bad breath in children’s mouth and how to get rid of this problem? About this News18 Senior Consultant and Pediatrician at PSRI Hospital, New Delhi Dr. Sarita Sharma talked to.

Eating habit
According to Dr. Sarita, their eating habits are also an important reason behind the smell of children’s mouth. Many times it has been seen that children eat some such things, which stick on the teeth, such as chocolate, chips, candy. These substances stick to the teeth and as a result, cavity, that is, the worm gets stuck in the tooth. Due to which the smell is there.

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small amount of water
According to Dr. Sarita, the most important thing to avoid bad breath coming from the mouth is to keep good dental hygiene and water intake. It is often seen that children do not drink a lot of water. They have to say again and again that drink water, children do not drink the right amount of water even after eating food. Due to which they also start having constipation many times. The stomach is not cleaned properly. This is also one of the reasons why children have bad breath.

not brushing at night
According to the doctor, it has been seen many times that children brush in the morning, but at night they go to sleep without brushing. While this is the most important. Make sure the children brush their teeth after feeding them. According to Dr Sarita, which toothpaste to do, it is not necessary, it is necessary to get the children brushed after eating. So that the food particles which are stuck in the teeth after eating, they come out.

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what should be done?

Brushing should be done twice a day. It is very important to brush before sleeping.
After eating food, the amount of water should be right.
– Minimize feeding children sticky things, such as chips, biscuits, chocolate. If children eat these things, then give more quantity of water after that so that it comes out from the teeth.
If the food will get stuck in the gums too. Even then it will stink. So the amount of water has to be increased. So that the food does not get stuck in the gums.

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