Balushahi Recipe: This Diwali, make crispy Balushahi at home, guests will also appreciate

Balushahi Recipe: There is hardly anyone who has not tasted the taste of Balushahi. This is a traditional sweet made in India. It is made on any happy occasion or on Teej-festivals. Balushahi is also very easy to get sweets in the market. This Diwali, if you are also preparing different types of sweet dishes at home and till now you have not tried making Balushahi at home, then we are going to tell you its easy recipe. With this you will be able to make crispy sandalwood easily at home. Not only this, when even the guests coming home will taste the sandshahi made by you, they will not be able to live without praising it.

Ingredients for Balushahi
Maida – 1 cup
Ghee – 1/4 cup
Curd – 1 tsp
Baking soda – 2 pinch
Sugar – 1/2 kg
Cardamom – 1 pinch
Dry Fruits

How to make Balushahi
To make Crispy Balushahi at home, first put ghee and water in a vessel and mix it well. After this, add two pinches of baking soda to it. Add 1 tsp curd to this mixture and mix it well. Now take all purpose flour and sieve it first. After that add flour to this mixture and knead the dough well. In between, add one spoonful of flour three times more. After this knead a fine soft dough and after that keep it aside for about 10 minutes.

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Now to make syrup, first take a thick bottomed pan and add water and sugar to it and let it cook well. Keep stirring the syrup from time to time with a spoon. When a boil comes, take the pan off the gas. Now make balls in equal proportion of the kneaded dough and after pressing them lightly, pierce the middle with your finger. Similarly, make sand of all the balls one by one.

Now take another pan and heat oil in it on medium flame. When the oil is hot enough, put raw sandalwood in it and fry it. During this, keep the gas flame on medium. When Balushahi turns golden brown from one side, then flip it and bake it well from the other side as well. When the balushahi is fried well from both the sides, take it out and keep it immersed in the syrup for about 5 minutes. During this, after two-three minutes, turn the sand which is immersed in the syrup.

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In this way your crispy Balushahi is ready for the sweet dish of Diwali. Now take it out in a serving plate and garnish the balushahi with finely chopped dry fruits. Guests will not miss to praise you after eating this crispy Balushahi.

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