Banana peel will remove the pain in the throat due to cold and cough in a pinch

Home Remedy For Throat Pain: After eating a banana, you usually throw away its peel, but this useless peel can be useful to overcome many of your problems. Famous Nutritionist sonali sabarwal According to this, banana peel can relieve the pain caused by cold-cough-cold in your throat in a pinch. In this regard, he has shared a post on his Instagram account. Let us know how banana peel can be useful to remove throat pain.

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Use banana peel in this way

To remove the pain in the throat due to cold-cough-cold, divide the banana peel into four parts. Now turn on the gas and keep the pan on the gas. After that lower the flame. Now heat the banana peel. Keep in mind that the peel has to be heated as much. As hot as you can tolerate it on your skin. When the banana peel becomes hot, take a towel or take a thick cotton cloth. Then wrap the heated banana peels in this towel or cloth and fold it. After this, apply this cloth around your neck and apply it. If the towel or cloth is big and it is easy to wrap it around the neck, then you can also wrap it around the neck. With this cloth you can till then do the training.

As long as it is making you feel hot. This can give a lot of relief to the pain in your throat. But keep in mind that only then you have to compress the throat with a banana peel. When you are getting this pain due to cold-cough-cold. You do not have to do this if there is any other kind of problem in the throat. Also keep in mind that when you remove the cloth wrapped around the neck. So cover your throat with some other cloth for about ten-fifteen minutes. Also, do not drink cold water at all after compressing.

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Peels can also be used in this way

Rubbing the banana peel lightly on your skin removes the blemishes. For this, put half a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of turmeric on the peel of a banana and use it.

Banana peels can be used like cucumber slices to remove eye fatigue. Keep it in the fridge for some time before using it.

Pain in the feet can be removed by applying banana peels. For this, heat a banana peel and tie it in a cloth.

You can use a banana peel to polish leather shoes. For this, lightly rub the white part of the peel on the shoe.

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