Bananas get spoiled in two days, so store like this, it will remain fresh and tasty for a week

How To Store Bananas For A Week : Generally, Banana is such a fruit that everyone likes to eat. Not only is it full of nutritious properties, it is also liked by people of all ages in terms of taste. You can fulfill the essential elements like iron, potassium, vitamins etc. with the help of a banana. It is also very beneficial for the stomach. People like to keep this fruit rich in many qualities in their daily diet. But the difficulty comes when they have to be stored at home for 4-5 days.

In fact, they start getting spoiled very easily in two days, they turn black and start melting. To avoid this problem, many people buy raw bananas, but such bananas do not remain tasty after ripening. If you are also facing some such problems, then here we tell you some such ways, with the help of which you can maintain ripe bananas for the whole week, not for two or three days. So let us know what are the things we need to keep in mind while storing bananas.

store bananas like this

1. Wrap the stalk

Whenever you buy a banana from the market, first of all bring it home and wrap its top stalk with plastic or paper. By doing this, the bananas will not spoil quickly and they will survive for a long time.

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2. Hanger Legs

It is definitely strange to hear, but if you keep bananas hanging in the hanger, then they will not spoil soon.

3. Use Vitamin Pills

You can use vitamin C tablets lying at home to prevent bananas from spoiling quickly. You dissolve a vitamin C tablet in a glass of water and dip a banana in that water. Keep it after that. By doing this the bananas will not spoil quickly.

4. Room temperature is perfect

If you keep bananas in a refrigerator or a warm place, they can definitely get spoiled. In this case, keep them at room temperature.

5. Use Wax Paper

If you keep the banana wrapped with wax paper, then it will not spoil for a long time.

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6. Using Soda Water

Take water in a glass and add a teaspoon of baking soda to it and soak the banana for a while. After that keep it at room temperature. Bananas will be fine for a week.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned expert before following these.)

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