Being corona positive increases the risk of mental illnesses – Study

Mental Illness Risk in Covid : Research is still going on in many countries regarding the corona epidemic that has affected the whole world for the last two years. Along with finding medicine for corona, scientists are also studying the changes in the health of people who have recovered from it. Now a new study conducted in Britain has revealed that people are at increased risk of mental illness, fatigue and insomnia after being found to be Kovid positive in PCR test. Researchers from the University of Manchester analyzed the health records of 2,26,521 people who were infected with Kovid between February and December 2020 in the country.

Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Network Open Study The findings of this study show that there was a six-fold increase in the number of people who came to the doctors with the problem of fatigue, who were found to be Kovid positive in the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test.

There was a three-fold increase in the problem of insomnia in people found to be Kovid positive compared to non-infected people. Such people also reached the doctors, who had never had such a complaint before.

What happened in the study
Complications of mental illness increased in 83 percent of people who were found to be Kovid positive in the PCR test. However, researchers have a dilemma whether Kovid-19 is also directly causing mental illness. This may be possible, because due to the epidemic, mental stress has increased.

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of the University of Manchester Dr. Matthias Pierce It is said, ‘Fatigue is directly a result of Kovid-19 and the risk of insomnia in this disease also increases.’

Corona can be fatal for patients with sleep disorders
Let me tell you that even before Study It was revealed in the study that coronavirus can be fatal in patients suffering from sleep disorders.

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It has been told in this study that patients suffering from breathing problems while sleeping and hypoxia are 31 percent more likely to be hospitalized and die if they get corona infected.

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