Better understanding of emotions in women than men – study

New Study on Emotional Quotient: There has been a lot of discussion about IQ ie Intelligence Quotient all over the world, there is also a topic of debate in this, does more IQ mean more brain? Well, so far this debate has not yielded any result, but according to the news report of Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, it is definitely being claimed that EQ ie Emotional Quotient in women is more than that of men. It has been told that women are able to understand the feelings of themselves and others quickly and behave accordingly. This is what makes them successful in relationships. Many studies have been done all over the world to understand EQ i.e. Emotional Quotient, a similar one in Tamil Nadu. Study Hui. In this it was found out whether the EQ is different in women and men? In the study conducted in the year 2018, about 1000 medical students were taken, in which both women and men were included.

The results of the study found that female students were far ahead of their male classmates in dealing with emotions. Not only this, she was able to better deal with the problems of patients during her medical training.

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Similar results came from many countries
The results of women being ahead of men in dealing with emotions did not come from India only. Rather, similar results were seen from countries like Iran and Sri Lanka. Where women were seen emotionally strong in a working woman and men. Let us tell here that EQ is kept far above IQ for success.

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What are the experts saying?
famous american psychologist Daniel Goleman By doing many research, it has been claimed that the contribution of IQ in success is only 20 percent, while the role of EQ is 80 percent. It strengthens relationships from office to home and around the world and leads to success.

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