Blurred eyes also come due to diabetes, follow these methods to prevent

Eye problem: Blurred vision is considered common after 35-40 years. People understand that if they are less visible then it is the effect of age, but sometimes it can have different adiabetic reasons. Indian Express According to the news of Dr. Mallikarjuna VJ, if blurred vision is seen from the eyes, then it can also be due to diabetes. He said that often people who are diabetic, they complain related to the eyes. He becomes unable to see anything clearly. But unfortunately most of the people do not go to the doctor for this kind of problem. They think it is the effect of age. Dr Mallikarjuna says that the biggest reason for the blurred vision in diabetic people is the uncontrolled blood sugar levels. It damages the blood vessels leading to the photosensitive tissues present in the retina. That is why it is important that diabetic people always keep the level of blood sugar balanced.

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how to identify diabetic eye
Eye problem due to diabetes is called retinopathy. Due to this, there may also be swelling of the eye muscles (macular edema), cataract and glaucoma. Dr Mallikarjuna said that Diabetic Eye can be identified by some of its early symptoms. These are- blurred vision, difficulty in recognizing color, difficulty in seeing at night, dark spots near the eyes, etc. He told that there are some such measures which can be improved by adopting it.

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how to avoid diabetic eye

  • Always get blood sugar tested and keep it balanced. As the blood sugar level rises, eye problems will start to appear.
  • If you smoke cigarettes, then quit it immediately because smoking increases the level of blood sugar and it is very harmful for eyesight.
  • Exercise not only reduces obesity, but it also sharpens eyesight and also reduces blood sugar levels.
  • If you are diabetic, then do an eye check-up once a year.
  • Use green leafy vegetables and fiber-rich foods in your diet.

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