Breast Cancer Awareness Month: No more fear of losing breast in breast cancer surgery, know how much does reconstruction cost

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (New Delhi). The disease of breast or breast cancer is increasing continuously in Indian women. This is such a problem, if it is not detected in time, then it spreads to the entire breast and to save the patient, doctors have to remove the entire breast from the body. Experts say that till a few years ago, women could not tell openly about their disease due to lack of breast cancer awareness or fear. The effect was that the cancer spread to a greater part of the breast or reached a serious condition and their breasts were removed surgically as a treatment. Although today, despite the increase in the number of breast cancer patients, women have got rid of the fear of losing the breast in surgery.

Even though today new age women in the country are suffering from breast cancer and their number is increasing continuously, but according to the statistics, the death rate has come down significantly. There has also been awareness among women. Along with this, confidence has also increased due to the methods of getting breast again after surgery such as breast reconstruction or breast implant. Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Senior Consultant, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital It is said that breast reconstruction or implants are better options. Many patients are not ready to have artificial re-breasts after breast cancer surgery. The cost of treatment plays an important role behind this.

Dr. Kuldeep says that a patient of breast cancer not only fights with the disease, but also fights with society, conservatism, superstition, family’s thinking, inferiority complex. After removing the breast, not only sexually, she also has a problem that she is dissatisfied with herself and comes under severe stress, then what clothes she should wear, how to keep herself in front of everyone in the society e.t.c. Therefore, after mastectomy, ie breast cancer surgery, it becomes necessary to reconstruct the breasts. So that he remains emotionally strong and considers himself as normal as any other.

First of all, what is Breast Reconstruction or Breast Implant
Dr. Singh explains that breast implant is a part of breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that begins after the removal of the breast by performing an operation in case of breast cancer. In surgery, after removing a part of the woman’s breast or its part, it is brought to the same size as the other breast by plastic surgery.
However it has many parts. If 20-50% of the breast is removed when a patient is diagnosed with breast cancer, then reconserving surgery (BCS) is done to save the remaining part and fill the empty area. BCS

There are mainly two types of reconstruction
Breast reconstruction is also of two types. The first is from tissue taken from the woman’s own body and the second through implants. In the first method, tissue is taken from the back part of the woman’s body or extra fat from her abdomen and it is applied to the empty area of ​​the breast. It is also called reconstruction with flap and implant. At the same time, after difficulties in treating patients, reconstruction is also done through tram flap, DIEP flap or lat dorify flap. These methods are for those patients who are fat and muscle and skin can be easily taken from their other side.

The other method is a completely external silicone based implant. This is for skinny women. Those who do not have excess fat, their own muscles and tissues cannot be taken but their breast removed in cancer has to be rebuilt. In such a situation, a balloon-like implant filled with silicone is used from the outside and it is fixed in that place. Sometimes it is also used in reconstruction.

it costs so much
Dr. Kuldeep explains that from the detection of breast cancer to its mastectomy ie surgery and then breast reconstruction, the cost of minimum 3 to maximum 10 lakhs is spent. For treatment in any small or big private hospital, the same amount is spent in between. Dr. says that the good thing is that now health insurance companies in India also bear the cost of reconstruction along with mastectomy.

Dr. says that it is also important for women to know that insurance companies pay for reconstruction and they cannot refuse at any cost because it is not a cosmetic surgery but a post-illness surgery. However, insurance companies refuse to pay for breast implant money. They say that the implant costs a maximum of 40-50 thousand rupees from the next, which if the insurance company does not give, then the patient can bear it himself.

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