By getting rid of internet addiction in this way, parents can teach their children

Parenting Tips- In today’s time, not only children but parents are also victims of internet addiction. Today Of Time In Each Any social Media From connected Happened Is. if You One Parents Huh And You social Media Feather like twitter, Facebook,Instagram e.t.c From join happened If so, then you are able to pay less attention to the children. often MotherFather kids Of with sit down do Them Play In busy by doing Their Front Self NS social site Feather chat start doing Huh. For them these think Huh That their Child So Play In Busy Is, But doing so can have a bad effect on the children. Children may feel that your focus is on social media. When he expects your attention, you are busy on the internet. This affects the mentality of the child. He can be irritable. Therefore Parents should not spend much time in their mobile phones in front of children.

What does research say

According to research, parents who are more engaged in text, e-mail, social media updates, their children abuse more. That is why it is important to leave the phone and spend time with your children and pay as much attention to them as possible.

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make rules at home

When parents are often entangled in the phone, then the children will also spend most of the time on the phone seeing this. In such It is necessary to make some rules for this, especially while eating food, do not allow any phone or tab to come on the dining table.

say no to social media

If you keep checking social media or your phone continuously, it will have a negative effect on your child. For this it is necessary to keep some distance from social media.

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stay away from phone on holiday

If you are going somewhere, then definitely take a photo, but instead of uploading it immediately on social media, spend some time with your family and children. For this it is necessary to put your phone in silent or flight mode during the holiday, so that you will be able to click the photo but it will take time to upload. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned expert.)

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