Camphor Hacks: Not only worship, you can also use camphor to make these tasks easier

Know How To Use Kapur Or Camphor At Home : We all have seen the use of camphor for the aarti of God in the worship festivals, but do you know that we can use it for many other works as well? If we want this thing with a special fragrance, then we can use it as hacks to ease many difficult tasks of the house. Especially with the help of this small thing, we can also fix many minor problems of monsoon. So let us know that we can use this camphor, which is called a super ingredient, to make things easier.

1. To remove insects engaged in plants

If small white colored insects have started in your plants and are damaging the leaves and branches, then you can use camphor as a natural insecticide. For this, mix two small pieces of camphor in half a liter of water and spray it in the plants in those places where insects are becoming excessive.

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2. Remove the smell of dampness

In the rainy season, if the smell of dampness has started coming in the house or in the almirah etc., then you can use it as a room freshener to remove them. For this, make powder of camphor tablets and add a couple of drops of essential oil to it. Dip it in the canton and keep it in those places.

3. Remove the smell of clothes

In the absence of sunlight, many times the smell of moisture starts coming from the clothes, which you can use camphor to remove it. You break camphor tablets or its rock into small pieces and tie it in a cotton cloth with 4-5 cloves and keep it between the clothes in the cupboard. The smell will start to go away in a few hours.

4. relieve itching

If there is a rash or itching on the skin in monsoon, then you can use camphor to cure it. For this, put camphor in lukewarm coconut oil and apply it on the skin.

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5.Keep Bedbugs Away

If you are going out somewhere and want to protect your mattress from bed bugs, then you should use camphor. Show the mattress to sunlight and put camphor ground inside it and leave it. Your mattress will last for years. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned expert before following these.)

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