Can fear be smelled? If you are a woman you can do this!

Woman can smell fear: Can it be detected by smelling who is in sorrow and who is in happiness? If you are a woman, you can probably smell it. This thing has come to the fore in a study, not us. daily Mail According to the news of the study, it has been found that if a person is in anxiety or fear, then smelling it creates a strange movement in the mind of the woman. She can sense from her senses whether someone is worried or sad. In a study by researchers from Heinrich Heine University, it has been found that women smell fear by smelling sweat.

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change in behavior upon sniffing
Researchers said, when a woman smells the sweat of someone who is restless due to some fear or anxiety, then there is a sudden change in her behavior. This proves the fact that women become sensitive to the suffering of a person. Scientists gave some samples to women for this. Actually, some men had to speak during a public meeting. Usually, before speaking, fear or anxiety starts in most people. The researchers took samples of sweat from all the speakers and gave it to 214 men and women to smell it. Earlier, all the women were given a task to play some games on the advice of psychologists. When the women smelled the sweat of the worried people, their behavior changed. After smelling the sweat of worried men, the women avoided taking risks during the game and became very cautious in financial matters.

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Early threat perception in women
Surprisingly, there was no change in the behavior of the men on the same game, while the men were also snorted in the sweat of the anxious people. Researchers from Heinrich Heine University said that this result reflects the social sensitivity of women. It was on the basis of signals of concern or fear in dangerous situations that our female ancestors used to increase their social network, he said.

For example, if a predatory animal was sitting in an ambush, the mother sensed this danger and strategized collective measures to ensure the safety of her young. Many people lived together in it. This trend continues till date. The researchers said that the sensitivity shown by these women to the message of concern was not at all in the men.

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