Cancer cases increased due to less physical activity, exercise for 5 hours a week is necessary: ​​Research

Cancer Risk Due To Physical Inactivity : In today’s lifestyle, irregular diet and less physical activity invite many diseases like obesity, diabetes, high BP. After a long working hour, do a long drive, and after that the body does not have enough life to take some time for exercise. Only then the condition remains that rest for a while, then get up, eat food and go to sleep. It is this routine that has reduced physical activity from our life. We have given up walking, climbing stairs has reduced, even finding fruits-green vegetables in food will not be available. In such a situation, some people have also become addicted to drugs to reduce stress. But do you know that all these things are taking us towards some serious diseases. Dainik Jagran According to the news of a new research done in America, it has been found that if Americans do 5 hours of moderate to intense level physical activity every week, then more than 46,000 cancer cases will be found in each. Years can be saved,

This research is published in the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. published Has been done. According to data from this research, between 2013 and 2016, 3 percent of all cancer patients aged 30 years or more were found to lack physical activity. But this ratio was higher in women (32,089 cases) than in men (14,277 cases).

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What happened in the study
In the southern states of America, such as Kentucky, West Virginia, Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi, women were found to have greater equality in physical activity and cancer incidence. Whereas in the mountain states of Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Washington and Winkansin, this proportion was found to be lower among women.

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higher risk of colon cancer
According to the American Cancer Society, this is the first research in which cancer has been linked to lack of physical activity. He says that such cancers include breast, endometrial cancer, colon cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer etc. The highest percentage of this is 16.9 in stomach cancer. The lowest 3.9 includes cancer of the urinary bladder.

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