Cataract is snatching the eyesight of children, how to identify

New Delhi. Cataract is one of the diseases occurring in the eyes. However, it becomes very dangerous because if it is not treated at the right time, it ends the eyesight forever and the person’s eyes become dark. Earlier this disease, which used to happen to the elderly or older people, is now making young and newborn children also its victims. According to a survey by the WHO National Program for Control of Blindness, 80.1% of the total victims in India have blindness due to cataract. At the same time, 38 lakh people fall victim to it annually.

Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital Ophthalmologist Dr. BP Guliani It is said that cataract is harmful to the eye but one good thing is that its treatment is possible today. In case of cataract, its treatment is operation or surgery. Through which it is removed from the eye. If children or adults get this treatment on time, then their eyesight can be saved. This surgery is not only safe but also necessary to remove the disease from the eye. However, it is very important to pay attention of the parents for this. For this, regular examination of the eyes of children is very important.

These are the reasons for cataract in children
, Cataract can also occur as a side effect after any previous surgery of the eye.
, Cataracts in children are also genetically caused. If someone in the family has white glaucoma, then there is a possibility of the child also having glaucoma.
, There is also a risk of cataract due to exposure to radiation or radiation exposure and exposure.
, If a patient has diseases like Down syndrome, etc., in that case also this disease can occur.
, infection in children
, There is a possibility of cataract even after taking high doses of some medicines like steroids etc.
, If the woman has an infection like rubella or chickenpox during pregnancy, the child is at risk of developing eye diseases.
, In childhood, any injury, lump formation or trauma to the child’s eye also causes white cataract.
, Cataracts can also occur if you have diabetes, hypertension and eczema.

These are the symptoms of cataract
, Blurred and reduced vision in the eye.
, Feeling trouble seeing at night.
, Discoloration in the eye.
, Sensitivity of the eye to light or closure of the eye in light.
, Feeling the need of bright light to read or do any activity.
, Visible circles around the light.
, Appearance of white or yellow layer on the pupil of the eye.
, Seeing two things with the same eye.
, Constant movement or movement of the eye that cannot be controlled.
, Rubbing the eyes of the child repeatedly.

protect like this
Dr. Guliani says that after having cataract in the eye, there is only one treatment for it, without delay, which good eye specialist should be shown and surgery is done. However, if there is no white cataract, then it is very important that the child’s eye movements should be monitored. If any problem is seen in the eye, then the investigation should be done immediately. Eye examination should be done even if there is sugar or high blood pressure. Nutritious and healthy diet should be taken. Sunglasses should be worn during the day to avoid damage to your eyes due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

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