Celebrate Diwali by wearing a mask, experts said, it is effective against any variant of Corona

New Delhi. The festive season has started in India, weddings will also start after a few days, while the wedding preparations and shopping are going on at a brisk pace. Even though the daily cases of corona in the country are less visible, but the disease is still going on. The strain of Corona is changing. Recently, another variant of the Delta Plus family has appeared in six states of the country and whenever this disease changes its strain, it takes the form of an epidemic. In that time, the number of infected starts increasing very rapidly. Hence more caution is required.

In this regard, Dr. Surekha Kishore, Executive Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Gorakhpur, UP says that at present the cases of corona are less. It does not mean that the disease is over. At the same time, our country is a country of festivals. There are many festivals in the coming time. During this time the safety of the people is our priority. At the same time, people also need to be alert and aware. For this, whenever you step out of the house, always keep the mask on. Do not stop using the mask at all. Even while celebrating the festival, take special care of it.

Due to the new variant of Corona, the danger of corona has arisen around Diwali.

Due to the new variant of Corona, the danger of corona has arisen around Diwali.

Along with this, follow physical distance. Also sanitize your hands at regular intervals. Also, wash your hands with soap and clean water whenever you have the time and convenience. One thing must be kept in mind that do not gather crowds in festivals. Celebrate festivals at home. As much as possible, go out of the house as little as possible and do not spitting outside at all. By following these rules, we can all be safe.

Dr. Surekha says that mutations are common in microorganisms, and more so in viruses. When a virus reproduces, some structural changes occur in its genetic material in some copies, these are called mutations. These mutants may behave slightly differently. Some of these can make existing vaccines less effective, others can be more infectious or cause more severe disease but the masks are highly effective against all mutations, whether alpha, beta, gamma, delta or delta plus Be. Therefore, one must wear a mask or two surgical masks when stepping out of the house and wear them properly, cover the mouth and nose, avoid crowded areas and maintain hygiene.

Research on the complications and problems of Corona is still going on. Scientists of the country and the world are working on this. The easiest way to prevent complications from the corona virus. You protect yourself from getting corona disease and encourage others also to prevent corona infection. Also, make the efforts of PM Modi successful and definitely get the corona vaccine. For this take both the doses. With this, the spread of corona virus can be controlled to a great extent. For this, do both things.

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