Celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar gave these indigenous tips to those doing work from home

Rujuta Diwekar Tips: If you have been doing WFH (Work From Home) for a long time, if your sugar cravings are increasing. There is a problem in your digestion. Whether your waist size is increasing or there is more pressure on the eyes. So you can just follow these three tips. It is very easy to follow them because these tips are very cheap and within your reach. Celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar has given these tips while sharing a video on her Instagram account. You also know what these tips are and how they can prove beneficial for you while working from home.

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seasonal fruits

While working from home, you must include such fruits in your daily diet, which are seasonal and easily available. But it is important to have three specialties in that fruit. It must contain fiber, as well as it should be prebiotic and rich in anti-oxidants. According to Rujuta Diwekar, you can include chikoo in the diet.


You should also include nuts in your diet daily. For this you can take help of roasted gram. This will help in maintaining bone mineral density. Along with this, it will also prove to be effective in improving your digestion. Not only this, if you are having a lot of sugar cravings these days, then you can take help of jaggery for this by not eating any sweets, cupcakes or chocolates. By chewing and chewing jaggery with gram, you will be able to get many benefits at once and sugar cravings will also end.

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Desi Ghee

You must also include a spoonful of desi ghee daily in your diet. This will work to improve your digestion, skin and joints. It is a prebiotic and it helps to deliver many benefits to your health at once. Along with this, it will also help you a lot in reducing the eye stress due to working on the computer. So do not forget to include a spoonful of ghee in your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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