Change is coming in the nature of the child? Mobile radiation can be the reason

Protect Children From Mobile Exposure : Radiation emanating from mobile phones has been considered very harmful for children. Due to this, they are prone to many problems, including neurological problems. Due to this, a decrease in their ability to speak, breathe, swallow and learn can be seen. Apart from this, it is mentioned in a research that the radiation emitted from mobile can cause cancer in children. It is also becoming the cause of brain tumor.

MomJunction According to this, the problem of depression and early anger can also arise due to excessive use of mobile in children. Apart from this, insomnia is also a reason for this. But in this era of epidemic, mobile has also become a compulsion with the children. In such a situation, parents can give them permission for mobile for a few hours, but it is important to avoid addiction.

Protect children in this way from the danger of mobile phones

While choosing home or school, keep in mind that there is no mobile tower around.

Do not keep mobile at all while sleeping in children’s bedroom.

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If you use the mobile for a long time, then when the call comes, go away from the children and receive the call.

If you want to show or hear something to the children, then use headphones. Keep in mind that headphones can also have a bad effect on children’s ears, so use it in low voice and with great care.

Do not allow children to use mobile in lift, train, bus or car at all. By doing this the intensity of radiation can increase which is harmful for children.

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Never give mobiles to children below 16 years of age. The reason is that under the age of 16, the child’s brain is very sensitive, which is not ready to tolerate the radiation emitted from the mobile.

In the absence of network, do not give mobile to children at all. In fact, in such a situation, the mobile tries to connect to the new antenna for the surrounding network, which can increase the intensity of the radiation even more.

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