Chemicals used in baby products affect children’s IQ and memory: Research

Chemical Based Baby Products Affect No parent wants to compromise with the health of the child and they are even more careful when it comes to skin and hair care. According to a news report published in Dainik Jagran, now a new study has found that the use of chemicals in large quantities to make many products used in children’s use i.e. baby products to make them fire retardant and flexible is in the brain development of the innocent. can become a hindrance. According to research, now this danger is more than what was being thought before. It is being told that these chemicals used in baby products are known as Flame Retardants and Plasticizers.

In the journal Environmental Health Perspectives published The recent research report states that the team of researchers reviewed dozens of human, animal and cell-based studies and assessed the damage caused by mild levels of chemicals called organophosphate Easters.

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It was found in the study that children’s IQ, attention and memory power (IQ, attention and memory) are also affected by these. These chemicals are used in the manufacture of electronic items, car seats, baby products, furniture and building materials. Heather Patisoul, a neuroendocrinologist at North Carolina State University in the US and the lead of this study, says that organophosphates affect Easter children more because they are fragile and They are unable to take care of their own cleanliness.

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While taking baby care products, you can choose the best for them by keeping some general things in mind.

skin care products for baby
Children’s skin is very sensitive. The first five years require a lot of care. Therefore, take complete information while choosing the product. Read his review. Interact with experts to see if they are clinically proven.

baby toys
Before buying toys, read the review, because many toys are coming with jelly, they look very beautiful, they are also pocket friendly. Jelly toys leak many times. They contain many types of chemicals. Clean the toys from time to time so that even if the child puts them in the mouth, the germs do not go.

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