Chiku removes the problem of digestion and lethargy, these are also benefits

chikoo or sapodilla helps in digestion: Sedentary lifestyle is the biggest problem in work from home. This is affecting physical and mental health. Most of the digestion related problems come due to sitting on the chair in your room all day. Apart from this, sitting for a long time in one place also affects bone and sexual health. Eyes suffer the most due to being on the screen for a long time. ht According to the news, nutritionist Rajuta Diwekar is advising to take some special foods to overcome all these problems. These special foods include chikoo. Due to work from home, the problem of digestion is coming the most and chikoo can make this problem the easiest.

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properties of chikoo

Chikoo is a fruit that looks like a potato, which is easily available in every season. Chiku is also known by many other names. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are found in Chikoo.
Including a fresh chikoo in your diet daily can provide many benefits. It is a prebiotic. That is, eating it increases the number of good bacteria in the stomach. Also, fiber is present in it, which makes digestion easier. Apart from this, it also removes the problem of constipation.
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Due to the antioxidant in chikoo, it does not allow free radicals to form in the body. Many diseases are caused by free radicals. When a person feels very lethargic or signs of aging start appearing on the body, it means that free radicals are harming him. Fresh fruit is essential for eliminating free radicals. For this, chikoo is the perfect fruit.
Chikoo is helpful in removing many problems like constipation and diarrhea. Apart from this, it can also protect against diarrhoea, anemia and heart diseases. Chikoo removes burning sensation in urine. Chickpea shake can also be drunk as an energy drink because glucose is found in large quantities in it.
Chickpeas contain calcium and iron, which are considered beneficial for strengthening bones and for eyesight. That is, if there is a problem in the eyes due to being on the screen for a long time during work from home, then the consumption of chikoo is beneficial.

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