Children born in toxic air are at risk of fatal effects – new study

Pollution effects on baby: Around 2.5 million babies in the UK are born every year in toxic air, which is at risk of a variety of fatal effects. According to the news of DailyMail, on the basis of the new study, experts have warned that if children continue to be born in such toxic environment, then they may have to face many life-threatening dangers. It can be understood from this study that when this condition of toxic air i.e. air pollution in the rich country of Britain, then what can be located in India. The British Lung Foundation has termed it a national shame and asked the government to take immediate action on it. Researchers studied the places where air pollution is highest in 2019. Two-thirds of these places were such where particulate matter (PM2.5) was higher than the World Health Organization’s standard. Toxic air kills 36,000 people in the UK every year.

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Pollution affects every part of the body
The study conducted in Britain found that 1.83 lakh babies are born each year in 71 birth centers in places where pollution levels were high. PM 2.5 pollution is usually caused by smoke from vehicles and industries. Researchers found that more than 2.5 lakh babies were born in places where PM 2.5 levels are higher than the World Health Organization’s standard. Researchers have said that it has been proved that pollution affects every part of the body. And it becomes a hindrance in the development of the lungs. This means that it will affect children the most as the baby’s lungs are developing.

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risk of premature death
According to research, air pollution affects the lungs and brain of developing children. Even the development of the baby growing in the fetus is also affected. This is the reason why women who breathe toxic air are at risk of premature delivery. In some cases, there is also a risk of miscarriage. Every year in the UK 36,000 people die prematurely due to air pollution. Apart from this, due to the toxic environment, there is also a risk of asthma in children from the beginning. This paper prepared by the researchers is being presented at the UN Climate Change Conference.

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