Children forgot to interact with online classes, these problems are coming after the school opens – report

Children not Comfortable in Classroom : As much as teachers could help in continuing the education of children during the Corona period, they helped and taught better during online learning. But despite all this, he could not give the children that atmosphere of interaction, which they used to get during lunch time, games period or other activities in school. Apparently this was not even possible during online studies. Now that schools have started reopening after about one and a half years, especially young children are finding it difficult to socialize with their peers. In such a situation, the challenge before the teachers is how to bring the children back to the old environment of socializing? given to CNN Interview in parenting book author Judith Warner Here are some tips to deal with this. And then they stopped talking to me: making sense of middle school. book has also written. To write this, she has studied the similar situation of many countries including India, in this interview Judith shared the findings of the study.

Judith Warner advises that parents and teachers should consider the likes and dislikes of children. Don’t ask them to do things they don’t feel comfortable with. Make children feel that someone is with them. can suggest a solution to their problem. She further says, whenever children feel weak, they become mean. This hinders their personality development. This situation can be dangerous especially for children from nursery to 8th. This is the most important stage of their development. Schools can provide comfortable conditions for such children, especially by giving them a home-like environment.

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‘Academic growth may stop’
Judith Warner said, ‘Since the opening of the school, children are going through two types of sentiments. On one hand he is happy to return to the old days. On the other hand, they are finding it difficult to adjust to the new environment. The past year and a half has tired him. In such a situation, it is still a bit difficult to mold them according to the same social environment as before. Despite this, teachers have to do all this. If not, then their academic development may also stop.

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‘Children are happy together’
According to Judith, children are always happy, feeling independent, with the people they want to be associated with. There is a rapid development of the brain in the period just before the teenage life. The ability of children’s memory is sharp. The things around them affect them. For example, who thinks about them, what they say, how they react, etc. All this affects their progress. That’s why their mutual interaction is necessary.

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