Children growing up in a green area increase their chances of being successful in life: Research

Children Develop More Near Nature : It is said that the environment will be given to the children and their mental and physical development is the same. But now this is not just a matter of saying, but scientists have also proved it through one of their research. According to the news report published in Dainik Jagran newspaper, now a recent study has found that children who grow up in a green environment means their brain development is more than other children. Due to which their chances of being successful in life also increase. This study done by researchers from UCB i.e. University of British Columbia has been published in The Lancet Planetary Health. published Has been done.

According to this study, the Faculty of Forestry at UBC studied the development scores of 27 thousand 372 children in Metro Vancouver for this study. Who attended Kindergarten from 2005 to 2011.

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The researchers also found out the reason behind the results of their study. According to researchers, the reason for this was that the green area around the house is helpful in reducing air pollution as well as reducing the harmful effects of noise. Due to this, the chances of getting saved from the problems caused due to stress and lack of sleep increases. Because due to the green area, there is such an environment that there can be enough sleep and the pollution is also less.

What do the researchers say
lead author of the research Ingrid Jarvis According to the study, few studies have explored the link between green areas and children’s development, but we believe that this is the first Canadian study of its kind. According to Matilda Van, senior author of this study and research associate at UBC, more study is needed in this direction, but our study confirms that child rearing in a green environment leads to their mental development. . Because of this, their chances of being successful in life increase.

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what kind of study was done
The researchers took into account the amount of green area around their home from the time children were born until they were 5 years old, similarly they also analyzed the air pollution caused by traffic and the level of noise in the surroundings. . The results of the study revealed the importance of natural places like roadside trees, parks, community gardens.

What happened in the study
According to the study’s lead author Ingrid Jarvis, in our study, we explored the children’s performance in language, skills, cognitive ability, socialization and other things. All the children performed well, but the important thing that emerged was that the children who grew up in areas where there was more greenery, their development was more than the other children.

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