Claims to find technology for more effective treatment for Alzheimer’s than ever before

More effective treatment of Alzheimer: Alzheimer’s is becoming a serious problem for the world. In western countries, most people after 50 become victims of this disease. In this the memory starts getting weak and often people start forgetting. There is no concrete cure for this disease so far. With the help of some therapy, efforts are made to bring it under control, but scientists have not been able to fully understand this disease. Times Now According to the news of Uppsala University, researchers have claimed to have designed a new antibody, which can become an effective weapon in fighting Alzheimer’s disease. This research has raised some hope in Alzheimer’s patients. The results of the study have been published in the journal Translational Neurodegeneration.

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Antibody will bind the toxin
Researchers have said that the antibody that has been designed binds to a cluster of amyloid-beta protein. Due to the amyloid beta protein, toxins begin to form in a particular part of the brain, due to which memory loss or memory loss starts. The treatment available so far has limited effect on the disease. There are many reasons for this not working. The main reason for this is that the antibodies used fail to bind all types of toxins. The new antibody binds to all types of toxins, due to which there is no leakage of toxin in the brain.

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A bunch of proteins are to blame for Alzheimer’s
Amyloid beta protein starts to build up in the brain. It is also called plaque. That is, the accumulation of proteins. This process is called aggregation and is also called aggregates. This bunch of proteins starts accumulating in the brain without any meaning. Scientists blame this cluster for Alzheimer’s. Previously, scientists had treated with the peptide somatostatin method, which helped break down aggregates. The new antibody will help bind these aggregates so that the protein bundle will not seep into the brain.

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