Club Sandwich: If you want to have a healthy breakfast, then make club sandwich at home

Club Sandwich Health Recipe: Many people take great care of the health factor in terms of food and drink. They take great care of what nutrients to take in what quantity or on which day, at what time, what to eat. For such health freak people, we will tell you the recipe of club sandwich to be prepared in minutes. It is healthy as well as being the best in the test. Children can also make it easily. If you want, you can add your favorite vegetables, cheese, pieces of boiled egg, beans etc. to it. Know, the quick recipe to make it

Ingredients for Club Sandwich

4 brown bread slices
butter or ghee
grated cup carrots
shredded cabbage
finely chopped capsicum
2 tomatoes chopped
A cucumber cut into circles
4 cheese slices
1/4 cup sandwich spread
freshly ground black pepper

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how to make club sandwich

To make club sandwich, first of all cut off the sides of the bread. After this toast the bread and keep it aside. After this, mix finely chopped carrots, capsicum, cabbage, salt, pepper powder and sandwich spread and spread this mixture by applying butter or homemade ghee on a slice. You place tomato slices on it.

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Place cheese slices over it and apply butter and put a bread piece on top of it. Spread the mixture again on this bread and now place cucumber slices. Then place the cheese and put buttered bread on it. Now cut this sandwich into a triangle or straight and put the chopstick on the sandwich so that it does not get scattered. It can be eaten with home made coriander chutney. You can also serve fried paneer with it or keep pieces of paneer inside it. Make your favorite shake or juice with it.

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