Comedian Bharti Singh reduced her weight by 15 kg, know her fitness secret

Bharti Singh Loose Weight: Today’s youth are ready to do anything to look slim. Someone sweats for hours in the gym. So someone is engaged in hard dieting. Not only this, many people are also taking the help of various products and medicines to make themselves slim and fit. But let us tell you that there are many side effects of these things which come to the fore gradually. These are not the only ways to look slim and fit. For this, the right diet and a little exercise daily can also help you. Now look at celebrity star Bharti Singh only. He has lost a lot of weight through diet and exercise. He has shared some of his photographs on his Instagram account, in which a glimpse of his decreasing weight can be seen. Let us know how Bharti Singh has reduced her weight.

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Bharti has lost 15 kg

Comedian Bharti Singh, who laughs with her tremendous comic timing, is in the headlines these days for her decreasing weight. Bharti Singh has lost 15 kg in almost a year. Bharti used to be around 91 kg earlier but has now become 76 kg. She has also shared some of her pictures on her Instagram account, in which a glimpse of her decreasing weight can be seen. On her decreasing weight, Bharti Singh says that ‘I myself am surprised that I have lost so much weight’ . ‘But I am equally happy because I feel healthy and fit. Right now there is no breathlessness and there is a light feeling. Also now there is relief from diabetes and asthma. Bharti says that ‘if you do not love yourself, then no one will love you.’

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This is the secret of Bharti’s fitness

The secret of this fitness of Bharti Singh is intermittent fasting. She takes dinner before 7 pm and keeps a gap in eating till 12 noon the next day. After this, she eats food only at 12 noon the next day. Bharti exercises daily. He says that my body no longer accepts dinner after 7 pm. I have eaten a lot of food for 30-32 years, but after following the diet during the lockdown, then the body has also accepted it. Bharti Singh says that earlier people used to call me cute chibi, because they could not openly say fat. But now when people praise them as fit and beautiful due to their low weight, it feels good.

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