Constant exposure to pandemic news can also increase stress, depression

World suicide prevention day : World Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated every year on 10 September to bring awareness among people to prevent the tendency of suicides. Loss of jobs, loss of loved ones and loneliness have made people anxious, depressed and susceptible during the Corona pandemic. Due to which many people are standing facing this wrong path i.e. suicide. Back to the start of the pandemic, with repeated lockdowns, loss of freedom of movement, not being able to meet or socialize, seeing so many people suffer and die, it seems we went through a war And with it we are suffering the consequences of being on a battlefield.

Its effect affects our mental health and so far no one can guess how much this damage has happened. What we do know is that COVID-19 has caused a tsunami of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychological and mental distress.

the mirror key Report Employees and colleagues, living with young children, pre-existing chronic or mental illness, being young, being female, and being constantly exposed to news of the pandemic, are all There are risk factors associated with the crisis. And for people with pre-existing mental illness, the implications of COVID-19 are dire.

40% related to mental health
About 90% of mental health problems are managed entirely in the community (primary care), and GP (General Practitioners) say that about 40% of their workload is related to mental health. COVID-19 is believed to have affected or may affect the mental health of about 10 million people so far.

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How Kovid increased tension
Long-term covid patients talk about the fear, uncertainty and despair caused by persistent symptoms and insist on mental health support, which is an important part of their recovery. Those affected by COVID are concerned about their health, while those admitted to the ICU, and their families and caregivers, may experience similar mental distress.

Online consultation ineffective?
With the disadvantages of no face-to-face interaction between doctor and patient, online consultations for mental health issues have increased, which has also served to reduce the close relationship required for effective mental health care.

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In addition, a drawback of remotely consulting a doctor may be that a doctor may not be able to take necessary clues, including domestic violence, self-harm, sadness, low mood, symptoms of psychosis, or anxiety. (anxiety), especially among young people, parents and caregivers. Doctors must have the necessary time and resources to self-care patients

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