Corona can be fatal for patients with sleep disorders: Study

Corona Patients With Sleep Disorders : For the last two years, many side effects of coronavirus have been seen affecting the whole world, now a new study has revealed that coronavirus infection can be fatal in patients suffering from sleep disorders. It has been told in this study that patients suffering from breathing problems while sleeping and hypoxia are 31 percent more likely to be hospitalized and die if they get corona infected. Based on this study, researchers say that it can help in the treatment of patients.

The findings of this study were published in the medical journal ‘Jama Open Networks’. published Has been done. MD based on data from 5400 patients from the US non-profit Academic Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic Dr. Reena Mehra The research team led by Dr. said, as the Kovid 19 epidemic continues, it is very difficult to assess which patient is going to have the worst effect. During the research, out of 3 lakh 60 thousand Kovid patients, 5400 also complained of insomnia. This research has been done on these.

Dr. Reena Mehra According to, the results of this study can prove to be helpful in giving better treatment to Kovid patients. This will help us to find out which patients need to be monitored more. It has also been found in sleep research that obesity, heart disease and lung diseases, cancer, and smoking also have a serious effect on it.

What is the right time to sleep?
Let us tell you that earlier an international team of researchers had Study It was reported that people who go to sleep between 10 am and 11 am are less likely to be at risk of heart diseases than those who go to sleep earlier or later.

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This study has been published in the European Heart Journal-Digital Health, the journal of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

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Sleep onset and heart disease!
The relationship between sleep duration and heart diseases has been investigated in several studies in the past. But till now the relationship between sleeping time and heart disease has not been known. An attempt has been made to find out this relationship in this new study. This included reports from a large number of adults, which explored the association between sleep onset and heart disease.

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