Corona patients are more prone to weight loss and malnutrition – Study

Weight loss due to covid-19:Now almost everyone knows that after corona infection, its symptoms persist for a long time in patients. Symptoms of corona are visible in some patients even after a year. Due to corona, many parts of the body and their ability to work are affected. Now according to medical experts, after recovering from corona, the weight of patients has started decreasing. This problem is coming more in people seriously affected by Corona.

Indian Express According to the news of the news, although no clear data has come on this matter so far, but in some studies it has been proved that the corona patients who had to be hospitalized due to serious condition or lost their taste or There were serious respiratory problems, those patients are losing weight. Along with this, there is also the problem of malnutrition in such patients.

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People with black fungus are more at risk
According to a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), people who are seriously ill in Corona are at high risk of underweight and malnutrition. In about 30 percent of the patients, the body weight has decreased by 5 percent. Due to corona, about half of the patients suffering seriously are at risk of malnutrition.

Dr Abhishek Subhash of Internal Medicine at Bhatia Hospital said that most of the Kovid patients are losing weight due to loss of taste and smell. He told that this problem is more serious in those patients who were victims of mucormycosis i.e. black fungus. In such patients, high dose anti-fungal medicine was given due to the disease, due to which the patient became restless and there was difficulty in feeling hungry.

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Loss of appetite due to changes in taste and smell
In the study, it was found that due to changes in taste and smell, the patient became very tired and there was loss of appetite. Apart from this, physical activities also stopped completely after coming home. It is natural to lose weight due to this. Along with this, the problem of inflammation inside the body also increased the risk of malnutrition. Even among the corona patients who did not have to go to the hospital, problems like malnutrition were seen in some patients.

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