Covishield, Moderna and Pfizer Vaccines Effective on Cancer Patients too – Study

Covid vaccine effective in cancer patient: Scientists have claimed that the corona vaccine of Kovishield, Moderna and Pfizer works effectively on patients suffering from cancer and does not have any side effects. mint According to the news of the scientists, this research has been presented in the conference of the European Society for Medical Oncology. Researchers reported that people with cancer have seen more appropriate, protective immune responses to the vaccine, without any side effects. The presented evidence also suggests that the third booster dose of the vaccine further increases the level of protection among cancer patients. Researchers also presented several previous studies and reports published in journals showing the effective effect of Kovid 19 on cancer patients.

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Cancer patients were not included in the trial
Clinical trial of Kovid 19 vaccine was not done on cancer patients. Due to this there was a fear in everyone’s mind whether the vaccine is safe for them or not. Due to chemotherapy and various types of anti-cancer drugs given to cancer patients, their immune system is already greatly deteriorated, so there was doubt about whether the corona vaccine is sufficient against severe forms of Kovid-19 in these patients. will provide security. This question was not resolved yet. An earlier study explored the potential impact of chemotherapy and immunotherapy on the protection provided by vaccination against COVID-19. In the latest study, it was proved that the vaccine develops effective immunity against Kovid in cancer patients.

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Sufficient levels of antibodies found in cancer patients
Researchers included 791 patients from several hospitals in the Netherlands in four different study groups to measure their responses to Moderna’s two-dose vaccine. This included individuals without cancer, cancer patients treated with immunotherapy, patients treated with chemotherapy and patients treated with a chemo-immunotherapy combination. After 28 days of giving the second dose, 84 percent of the patients who received chemotherapy were found to develop sufficient antibodies against the corona. In addition, adequate levels of antibodies were found in 89 percent of patients receiving chemo-immunotherapy and 93 percent of patients receiving immunotherapy.

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