Crispy paratha with layers not made like mom’s? Follow these tips

Cooking Tips : Indian homes, especially if you talk about the kitchen of North India, then Paratha is very popular here from breakfast to dinner. Its specialty is that you can eat it with pickle, raita or salad. If your children do not like to eat roti, then you should give them layered crispy parathas. They will not only eat with passion but every time they will eat on demand. But it is also true that if you are not able to make it in a better way, then they become hard after cooling and the whole taste gets spoiled. So, today we are giving you some such tips, by trying which you can easily make best-tasting parathas like mommy in your kitchen.

These are the tips for making paratha

1. Knead the dough like this

To make perfect paratha, it is necessary that its dough should be soft. A soft layer is formed in the paratha made from soft dough. Some people use oil before kneading the dough to make perfect paratha which is wrong. By doing this, not much layer is formed in the paratha.

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2. Cook on high flame

Always make paratha on high flame. If you make parathas on low flame, then they will be very tough which can be difficult to chew. Paratha made on high flame remains crispy and tasty.

Give rest to the dough

Whenever you knead the dough to make paratha, leave it for at least half and not more than 2 hours. Doing this will make the paratha more tasty.

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4. Use Ghee like this

First make round balls and apply ghee on them with a spoon. Now fold them thrice and make them in a triangle shape. Now roll it out and place it on the pan and roast it. Never put oil on the pan before making paratha and roast it only after applying oil on both the layers of paratha. If you make paratha keeping these things in mind then surely you can make the best paratha at home.

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