Curd Storage Tips: Store curd like this in the fridge, it will not sour!

Curd Storage Tips: Curd is very nutritious in terms of taste as well as health. Curd is used in almost every household. Usually freeze is used to store curd. But many times it happens that only after the curd is a day or two old, sourness starts coming from it. Let us tell you that curd is not only used as a probiotic, it is also used to make fermented dishes. Curd is deposited daily in many homes, but this problem also comes in curd stored at home.
In homes where curd is used more, the problems of curd becoming sour quickly and a different kind of smell from it also come to the fore many times. If you keep the curd in the right way, then even for 4-5 days your curd can stay in the fridge safely without sourness and smell. Today we will give you information about some tips, by following which you will be able to keep curd well.

1. Use glass utensils – Usually curd is stored in a steel or sometimes plastic vessel and kept in the fridge. But keep in mind that whenever the fridge is to be stored for a long time, it should be kept either in a glass vessel or a ceramic vessel. Doing this will keep the curd from turning sour. Let us tell you that storing any kind of food item in a plastic vessel for a long time is not good for health. In such a situation, if you want to preserve curd for a week, then it would be better to use a glass vessel for this.

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2. Keep the pot of curd covered – After keeping it in the fridge, the reason for a strange smell coming in curd is to a large extent due to its being kept open. Many people do not pay attention to the curd being covered while keeping it in the fridge. This method is not correct. Due to this, the live bacteria present in the curd can also cause foul smell in the rest of the food. Along with this, curd can also be spoiled.
3. Do not leave the curd outside for a long time – If you have brought curd from the market, then try to put it in a glass vessel and keep it in the fridge as soon as you bring it. The longer the curd is kept out of the fridge, the sooner it will become sour and the chances of smell coming out of it will increase.
4. Airtype utensils can be used – An airtight vessel can also be used while keeping curd in the fridge. If you have brought curd and opened its packet
If given, then keep it in an airtype vessel. This will increase the shelf life of curd.

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Yogurt can be stored like this even without a fridge
If for some reason you are not able to store curd in the fridge, then keep some things in mind. This will allow your curd to remain good for a relatively longer time.
– Remove the water that accumulates in the curd again and again.
Always keep the curd covered.
Use curd for sourdough.
Keep it outside for a maximum of two days.

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