Dengue alert! Do not take this kind of medicines by mistake, otherwise…

Dengue alert! Dengue fever is wreaking havoc in Delhi and NCR these days. A large number of people are suffering from dengue. However, dengue is not a fatal disease. If you are careful then you can easily get cured from this disease even at home. Caution here means that you do not become a doctor yourself. Do not take any medicine on your own or on the advice of a medical store.

Actually, dengue is a viral fever. There is no specific treatment for it. Our body itself fights against its virus and it itself gets rid of it. For this you should drink plenty of fluids.

Do not do this work even by mistake
Dengue fever causes pain and other pains in the patient’s body. For this, they resort to pain killers like Brufen or Combiflam. These pain killers are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Consumption of these medicines in dengue can be fatal. Due to its consumption, there may be bleeding in your stomach.

Why should not take pain killer
According to doctors, body pain is common in the initial symptoms of dengue fever. Most of the people think of it as viral fever because of this symptom. For this reason they take medicines like Combiflam and Brufen. Actually, in dengue fever, the number of platelets in our blood keeps falling continuously.

These medicines cause platelets to drop more rapidly, which can be life-threatening for you. Doctors recommend taking Paracetamol and Crocin for fever or body pain only and only on doctor’s advice.

Actually, dengue virus affects the platelets in the blood in our body. Platelets work by preventing blood clotting. On the other hand, pain killers ie non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs also work to prevent blood clotting. In this way, if you have consumed a pain killer in dengue fever, then in a way you have made the work of the virus easier.

If you have consumed pain killers and you start bleeding, then this condition is called ‘Dengue Shock Syndrome’. When the patient reaches this stage, he has to be immediately admitted to the ICU.

Eat iron and protein rich food
To recover from dengue, one should eat food rich in protein and iron. Three to five liters of water should be drunk in a day. This will strengthen your immune system and you will feel healthy soon.

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