Diabetes or obesity patients do not control appetite, adopt these measures as told by experts

New Delhi. Diabetes or diabetes has become a big problem today. Patients are increasing all over the world of this disease which is becoming endemic. Not only this, patients of diabetes also come under the grip of other diseases very quickly. As seen from last year till now during Corona. Along with the problem of black fungus in sugar patients, cases of reaching a more serious condition due to corona were also reported. Although if care is taken when there is sugar, then it can also be controlled, but most of the people complain that they are not able to control their food intake or appetite. Therefore, the problems caused by diabetes increase.

Dr. Sanjay Kalra, former President of the Endocrine Society of India and a well-known endocrinologist, says that it is a matter of concern for diabetes to enter our rural environment from the stifled cities. At the same time, after having diabetes, not controlling it is even more troublesome. As there is no cure to eliminate diabetes from the root, the only solution is to spend life with diet and medicines, but usually people are unable to abstain or control diabetes due to hunger.

Dr. Kalra says that according to a report of the International Diabetes Federation, by 2019, there are about 70 million patients with diabetes in India, which can increase to more than 100 million by 2030. At present, India ranks second in terms of diabetes. Life does not end with diabetes, but for a quality life, it is very important to avoid this disease. The biggest complaint of patients after having sugar or diabetes is not being able to stay hungry. Due to which both obesity and diabetes increase. However, if the measures mentioned by experts are adopted for this, then a lot of relief can be given and sugar can be kept under control. For this it is necessary to go from thinking to eating food till after doing it.

Take these measures to control hunger

Follow these methods before eating
.Sugar patients take more and more fluids. Including water, soup, zero calorie beverages, sugar-free lemon drinks etc.
.Eat salad. Which includes green leaves, cucumber-cucumber, tomato and radish etc.
Consume products that reduce appetite such as bitter gourd juice, bitter leaves, etc.
, Do not do any exercise before eating, so that the appetite increases.

cook food like this
, Instead of cutting the vegetables into small pieces, cut them into big pieces so that they take time to eat.
, Always choose food with high fiber.
, One can also choose keto diet under medical supervision.
Keep chili or spicy in the vegetable.

serve as
, Use small utensils.
, Serve food in small quantities.
, Serve a high protein meal before a high carbohydrate meal.

eat like this
, Chew long before swallowing.
Eat slowly and thoughtfully.

After eating
, Have clean beverages after meals.
, Take digestible spices like fennel or paan etc.

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